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"The Spice of Life" CD

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The "Spice of Life" CD is available at www.cdbaby.com! 

Darrell Powell, engineer at Sudio D, working with Mike to put the finishing touches to the "The Spice of Life" CD.





The "Spice of Life" CD contains hot tunes like...
* The Duke of Indiana
* Little Sister
* Twilight Time
* Use Me
* Groovin' With Wes
* All of Me
* Sleepwalk
* Too Much Stuff
* Old Guy Rap
Recorded at Emerald Park Studios
Post-production work at Studio D, Summitville, Indiana
Free audio samples of all tunes are available at www.cdbaby.com.  (Search for "Mike Fox" or "Spice of Life".

Major Charge Cards Accepted

"Spice of Life" is dedicated to two great guys...
- John Earl Maynard
- Larry Ledford

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