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What old friends and colleagues are saying...


Cozette Myers - Leading Indianapolis Female Vocalist and Session Singer..."I'm amazed"...Keep it up"..."We should all be so lucky."


J. Michael Henderson   Singer/Songwriter
"You have a great choice of tunes...It's always nice to hear another fellow player like yourself keepin' on."


Gordan Brooks, Sax man extraordinaire. Gigs throughout the Midwest and East Coast regions. What an entertainer!
"Your CD is sweet!"


Melodie Carr - Choreographer, Ballroom Dancer, Singer... "Old Guy Rap...what a hoot!".  "That would be some show tune!"


Jon Barnard - Renowned Singer, Musician, and Entertainer.  Jon is Producer and Director of PAWS, inc., the "Garfield" comic strip company.
"I love it!"... "the CD is in my car player right now"... "Darrell Powell at Studio D can really get a great mix."


Tim Miller - One of Indiana's greatest Blues and R&B historical aficionados...appearing at Indy's Slippery Noodle Inn.  Tim wrote,"After careful consideration I have decided to award your Spice of Life CD a "Fox Award"!  I was out of Grammys.  It's Great!"


George Hudson, who I worked with through-out the late 60's and 70's...and I could never deside if he was a better funky/rock drummer or a better showman on stage, because he excelled at each.  George wrote..."I love the variety of the CD.  You should be proud as you are a very accomplished musician.  When I heard the Hammond B-3 organ in Old Guy Rap I almost died!"


Chuck Surack- Founder of Sweetwater Sound, one of the world's largest music stores.  "I really enjoyed it.  How could I not like Old Guy Rap <gr>.  I also liked the variety.  It sounds great!"


Jack Hamilton, RCA Recording Artist and Member of Indiana's Legendary Chosen Few Band..."Really Great! The Time Tunnel was a hoot...loved the Andrew Sisters photo-hilarious!"


Bill Jones, Veteran Drummer (above)  Bill and I survived five years and thousands of miles on the road.
Bill writes..."I'm very happy for you and extremely proud of your venture.  I am sure it brings you pleasure to have music as such an important part of your life."

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